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BetterDogFood.COM!!!Good Dog, Spot!
Where we give you the dog...and then sell you the dog food!

Choose Your Dog!

You've seen the ads on Super Bowl Sunday! You've read about us in blogs all over the Internet! You've grown to love the daily excitement and pathos of the Blog for Dogs! You've grown to love our lovable BetterDog, our corporate mascot Spot! You've eaten our dog food, you've drunk our kool-aid!

This is it! Now's your chance to put a BetterDog in your doghouse! You can be part of the BetterDogFood Revolution! Simply fill out the form below, and we'll give you the dog (and then sell you the dog food).

1.Should Your Dog Have Fleas?
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No Way!
2.Computing Skills Your Dog Should Have:
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Linux (Very Cool! Trust Us!)
3.Your Dog's Target IQ:
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6. Food Preference:
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8. Shipping Preference.
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